Blake's Burrow

by blakebunni / VRChat Avatar Creator

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using and/or purchasing a product from Blake's Burrow

By purchasing and/or use a Blake's Burrow model, you acknowledge that you've read, understood and agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions.Blake's Burrow models are legally protected under Protect My WorkFailure to follow these Terms and Conditions may result in legal action and fees.

♥ General Terms

  1. You are prohibited to redistribute model (unedited or edited) in any way, Blake's Burrow models are only allowed to be used personally by the purchaser and cannot be shared with anyone or be used by anyone other than the purchaser.

  2. You are prohibited to redistribute assets (unedited or edited) of full model packages in any way. This includes but is not limited to, 3D model files, Texture files, Unity specific files such as Controllers, Animations, Particles etc.

  3. You are prohibited to take assets from any type of model i make to reuse commercially, personally or publicly (this includes nitro and free products)

  4. You are prohibited to remake any of Blake's Burrow models, commercial or personal use.

  5. You are prohibited to remake any of Blake's Burrow assets, commercial or personal use.

  6. You are prohibited to upload Blake's Burrow models onto VRChat as a public model, the use of Blake's Burrow models that are public or found in public worlds other than affiliated* public worlds is therefore strictly prohibited.

  7. You are prohibited to use Blake's Burrow models or assets that were obtained illegaly. Commercially or personally.

  8. You are prohibited to outsource any service (for editing purposes or Quest conversion for example) to a third party. Purchased products can only be edited by the purchaser. It is therefore necessary for the purchaser to have sufficient knowledge of the software and programs used to work with the model.

  9. You are prohibited to remove watermarks inside the body and head of the model, or from the textures on assets. Outside of this, you are permitted to edit the model in any way you want.

  10. The conversion of my models to Quest is permitted, but will not be supported. Blake's Burrow models are not made for Quest and will not be made available for this platform. It is recommended to use the model on the intended platform (PC VR)

  11. You are prohibited to claim the model or the design as your own, even when edited or heavily edited by the buyer.

  12. You are prohibited to use Blake's Burrow models in any way that would violate the Terms of Service of VRChat or other VR Games/Online Platforms.

  13. You are permitted to use assets that are available for purchase from this website/gumroad on models meant for commercial or personal use.

  14. You are permitted to upload Blake's Burrow models for a significant other or friend (recipient), however you are limited to one upload for each purchased model. For example, if you purchase Kaito and Komori, you are allowed to upload Kaito on your account and Komori on the recipients account. In this situation, you are not allowed to upload Komori to your account as well without removing Komori from the recipients account.

  15. You are permitted to use Blake's Burrow models for streaming/videography purposes, it is required to credit Blake's Burrow for the model. The use of Blake's Burrow models for monetary gain such as through streaming on Twitch, is also permitted.

  16. You are permitted to gift models by using the built in gifting feature on gumroad or writing the recipients email at checkout.

  17. Blake's Burrow (this includes both the gumroad and the Burrow Boutique) are not allowed for use outside of VRChat

♥ Terms and Conditions on Free Models or Assets

  1. All previous Terms and Conditions apply the same on Blake's Burrow free products, with the exception of being able to share the product for personal use, however it is prefered to redirect the recipient towards this website instead. If the product is distributed in this way, all Terms and Conditions still apply for the recipient as well. To clarify, the sharing of free models or assets for personal use is allowed, however sharing for commercial use is strictly prohibited and will break the Terms and Conditions.

  2. The use of assets on free models varies

  3. Nitro assets are NOT permitted to be used on free models, anyone who would like to acquire the nitro assets legally to be used commercially or personal use is REQUIRED to nitro boost the Blake's Burrow discord.

  4. Paid store assets are prohibited to be used on free models, unless stated otherwise.

  5. Paid AND Free store assets are prohibited to be sold by themselves, edited or not, it must always be sold on a finished model or product, customers are NOT allowed to acquire Blake's Burrow assets from your products.

  6. Paid AND Free store assets are prohibited to be published publicly, this includes, but is not limited to: conversions into other games (for example as mods, custom content etc.), websites and discord servers.

  7. Free store assets are permitted to be used on free models, with the condition to inform buyers to download the asset on the Blake's Burrow store to acquire it.

♥ Refunds

  1. Blake's Burrow digital products are not applicable for a refund. Once purchased a sale is final and cannot be refunded, in any situation.

♥ Support

  1. Support will be provided to customers in case of issues with the products themselves. Support will not be provided for help with editing the model or issues that can be resolved by following the instructions provided with each purchase.

♥ Nitro content

  1. All Terms and Conditions for commercial use also apply the same to content acquired from the Blake's Burrow discord server.

♥ Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Blake's Burrow reserves all rights to the IP license of each of their models and will not be available for sale at any time.

♥ Modification of Terms and Conditions

  1. Blake's Burrow reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions on a going-forward basis at any time.

♥ Crediting

  1. Crediting is required by the buyer on all for sale or free products. Credit can be given by mentioning either of Blake's Burrow's stores depending on where you purchased the product AND Blake's discord/discord username.

  2. Discord Username: blakebunni

  3. Discord: discord.gg/blakesburrow

  4. Avatars: store.blakesburrow.com

  5. Assets: burrowboutique.com

*Affiliated public worlds for Blake's Burrow models:Blake's Burrow
Avatar Nexus

Frequently Asked Questions

I have accidently entered the wrong email, what can i do?

Create a ticket in the Blake's Burrow discord server and I will help you in whatever way possible to resolve the situation.

Is there any way i could get a refund?


Can i pay you directly through paypal, venmo, cashapp etc.

No. The only way to purchase any of my models is to purchase it through an official Blake's Burrow store. More payment methods might be added in the future, but that is not up to me and cannot be requested.

Could i request a personal commission?

No, I do not do commissions.

Do your models support quest or can you make quest models?

None of my models current or future will support Quest. All my models are only available for PC VR.

Will you make another free model? Can I request a model?

While requests and the interest in my models is very much appreciated, I only create what I feel inspired and motivated to create.

I have seen someone violate Blake's Burrow Terms and Conditions.

It would be very appreciated to report anyone breaking my Terms and Conditions to me through creating a ticket in the Blake's Burrow discord server.

Can you help me edit the model I just purchased from you?

I do not offer any type of editing service.